Computer Hard Drive Audio CD Network
Hello. You look nice today!
  Name Date Modified Date Created Size Kind
Hard Drive Today 200 GB Volume
Audio CD 2.92 GB Media
Network LAN
Shared Project Files Yesterday 12/29/08 524 MB Folder
Documents Yesterday 12/29/08 524 MB Folder
Preferences System
Trash Today Bin
Build: TK421
Hard Drive
Storage in use: 119.1 GB
  Name Date Modified Date Created Size Kind
.DS_Store Yesterday 6 KB Hidden
Default User Today Folder
Applications Yesterday Folder
Developer 12/29/08 Folder
Library 09/11/09 Folder
System Yesterday Folder
Free: 80.9 GB
Audio CD - Title of Album

Title of Album
  Track Song Name Length
01 Track One 3:50
02 Track Two 3:50
03 Track Three 4:02
04 Track Four 3:47
05 Track Five 4:38
06 Track Six 3:16
07 Track Seven 3:53
08 Track Eight 1:41
09 Track Nine 3:40
10 Track Ten 4:33
11 Track Eleven 3:49
12 Track Twelve 1:11
13 Track Thirteen 6:17
Genre: Rock/Rap
Local Network Resources
  Name Operating System Version
Urban Terror - Game Server Linux Ubuntu
Shared Project Files Linux Red Hat
Remote Desktop VPN Windows XP
Michael Scott Mac OS 10.5
Dwight Schrute Mac OS 10.6
Jim Halpert Mac OS 10.6
Pam Beesly Mac OS 10.5
Ryan Howard Mac OS 10.5
Jan Levinson Mac OS 10.5
Roy Anderson Windows 7
Stanley Hudson Windows Vista
Kevin Malone Windows Vista
Angela Martin Windows Vista
Oscar Martinez Windows Vista
Phyllis Lapin Windows Vista
Creed Bratton Windows 7
Meredith Palmer Windows Vista
Toby Flenderson Windows Vista
Darryl Philbin Windows Vista
Kelly Kapoor Windows Vista
Andy Bernard Windows Vista
LAN: Corporate Intranet